Meeting Today's Customer Challenge for Business Owners and Executives

"Retail is in the middle of an internal battle between ecommerce and bricks. Most retailers are trying to chase both channels at the same time with lackluster results. Rick is a bricks strategist that leverages customer intelligence and develops experiences that keep customers off their phones and into the shopping experience that Rick creates to generate impressive revenue growth and keep them coming back. If your bricks are weighing you down then you need to speak with Rick."

Adam Reiter, Chief Jobs Officer at More Jobs Inc. and author The Suck Less Job Search


If you're in a decision-making role in the fast-moving retail industry, you know it's a global business that demands consistent results at the intersection of the customer experience, online technology, and store/employee engagement.

Global Retail Solutions assists business owners, executives, and senior leaders in the U.S., Middle East, Asia, and Europe by delivering:

  • Increased revenue quarter after quarter and year over year

  • Strategic leadership at the home office or stores level

  • Actionable insights into branded, licensed, and private label merchandising

  • Store, franchise, and brand turnarounds, including overall strategic planning and bottom-line results

  • Award-winning websites, mobile apps, and online customer experiences

  • Successful launches of store-within-a-store (shop-in-shop), pop up, and kiosk initiatives

  • Impactful non profit leadership at the board and volunteer level

  • Team-building, talent acquisition, mentoring, coaching, and associate engagement

Rick Planos, Consulting Partner